The Disaster Artist – trailer

.......not Oscar nominated depsite the reviews.......

Much has been made about the awful films of Edward D Wood Jr that included ‘Plan 9 from Outer Space’ and the drop your jaw its so awful, ‘Glen or Glenda?’. These days thought we still have the occasional bad films we rarely have the badly made, badly acted, badly everything film…..except for one. That honour goes to ‘The Room’ written , directed and starring Tommy Wiseau. Released in 2003 it had an understandably limited release except for the cult late night circuit which is truly where it belongs…….arguably in a cement tomb on the sea bed is another suitable place for it.

The film centred on a romantic triangle and had a number of wholly irrelevant sub plots that went nowhere or would be abandoned. At one point the entire crew were replaced by Wiseau. Wiseau would frequently forget his own lines to such a degree that they had to be dubbed in post production. Most recently the script supervisor has claimed a tongue in cheek credit for directing the film as Wiseau was too engrossed in his own acting. When it was released with only one sign to promote it many thought it would be a horror film. Obviously it bombed but Wiseau then paid to keep the advertising sign up for five years!

There’s so much more to the awfulness of the film and its production that a book was written called The Disaster Artist and much like Ed Wood a film has been made starring James Franco and Seth Rogen so you an guess what genre it will be. Incredibly they have also cast Tommy Wiseau in it too.

Here’s the trailer…….

and here’s the trailer for ‘The Room’. Watch out for Wiseau who sounds like Borat channelling a drunk Christopher Walken……


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