The Exorcist


With London littered with blue plaques glued to house walls to commemorate where famous people lived it seems that film locations are about to follow.

The steps seen in the final sequence of ‘The Exorcist’ which Father Karras less than successfully negotiates by hurling himself headlong down them have been a draw for people from across the globe who visit the location in Georgetown, Washington and have been visiting them for decades just to walk up and down them.

On Friday 31st October 2015 , a ceremony was held that made “The Exorcist Steps” a landmark and official tourist attraction.

Director William Friedkin, Screenwriter William Peter Blatty, Mayor Muriel Bowser, Ward Council member Jack Evans, and organizer Andrew Huff of the D.C. Office of Motion Picture & Television Development were all on hand for the event.

Rumours that the nearby pea soup factory is to be recognised remain unfounded.


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