The Freddie Mercury biopic director is sacked and is replaced by…….

.......Bryan Singer & Dexter Fletcher - not a 'before and after' photo.....

After the high profile sacking of directors Phil Lord & Chris Miller from the Han Solo film it seems the next to get sacked from a film is Bryan Singer (X Men: Apocalypse) from the Freddie Mercury biopic. A long gestating production which was originally going to star Sacha Baron Cohen in the lead role but now stars Rami Malek.

All has not been well on the set with Singer reportedly turning up late and Malek and Singer allegedly clashing on set with Singer throwing objects around the set and having to be warned about his behaviour by the studio 20th Century Fox.  Malek was not the only one to clash with the director as actor Tom Hollander had such a furious bust up with him that he quit the whole film with producers doing everything to finally get him to return to the film.

The same can’t be said for Singer who two weeks from the end of filming he just stopped turning up and the whole production was suspended. The directors management told the BBC that  this was due to, “a personal health matter concerning Bryan and his family… Bryan hopes to get back to work on the film soon after the holidays’

Well that’s not going to happen now as he’s been fired!

It’s not the first time that one of Singer’s production’s has temporarily suspended filming as recently Gabriel Byrne revealed that The Usual Suspects suffered the same fate because of  ‘inappropriate sexual behaviour by Spacey’ and we all know what allegation’s Kevin Spacey is being accused of.

So who going to replace Bryan Singer as director?

Well it seems that its going to be Brit actor turned director Dexter Fletcher who made the excellent, ‘Eddie the Eagle‘ to complete the film in the run up to Christmas. Quite who will get director credit remains to be seen.

The release date for Christmas 2018 remains unmoved.



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