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.......she had her own way of making sure shoplifters never returned to her shop......

Up there with high concept pitches like Jim Carrey’s, ‘Liar, Liar’ (lawyer can’t stop telling the truth) is The Hunt. 12 strangers wake up in a clearing, they don’t know where they are or how they got there – frankly this could also be the day after the Editor’s stag night however the 12 strangers here don’t know that they’ve been chosen for a specific purpose – to be hunted. The Hunt is the latest remake of the classic 1932 black and white film, ‘The Most Dangerous Game’ (which is really good!) and has  had a number of remakes over the years, the best being John Woo’s 1993 Hollywood film, ‘Hard Target’ before his career stalled and he went back to Hong Kong.

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Coming from horror maestro Blumhouse Productions you know what to expect when it comes to gory thrillers and it sets out its store in a scene on a plane where a stiletto heel is put to gruesome use. An eclectic bunch, the strangers, dumped in a field, regain consciousness  with rubber gags locked around their heads  and right from the get go we’re in that territory of, ‘Who’s going to get killed first? and in what order will they be picked off by anonymous snipers as they try to escape from what they think is Arkansas (if they were trying to escape from Tower Hamlets we would understand). It’s from here it becomes instantly bloody and brutal with heads bursting like overripe melons and bodies exploding and for a while you really have no idea who will survive.

The release of The Hunt was delayed in the US and was rumoured to possible not even get released (and we first mentioned HERE) due to several mass shootings and controversially it was suggested that the film was a bit of agit –prop about Republicans v Democrats and it’s easy to see why when the type of people the assassin’s turn out to be are revealed. Written by Damon Lindelof and Nick Case, The Hunt is a brutalizing but blackly comic thriller with the gore levelled by an endless number of jibes at all manner of virtue signalling  which includes vegans, Aids, abortion, climate control and probably most appropriately, gun ownership. Though The Hunt especially by the end takes aim at the fake news phenomena as to what is real and what’s not – a bit like Donald’s Trump’s tinder profile. Playing like The Purge but taken to a hyper-violent level The Hunt is brutally barbaric with moments to make you wince even when you’re laughing.

Here’s The Hunt trailer…….


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