The Last Jedi – 2nd TRAILER


So with the debacle of the Han Solo film and its directors being fired that film seems back on track now that Ron Howard has taken over. Which means we can now all look forward to the imminent arrival of the next Star Wars film, The Last Jedi, which has had a much smoother ride under the direction of Rian Johnson although he’s taken the unusual step of telling fans not to watch the trailer due to there being a pretty major hint at a spoiler and having watched the trailer several times we think we know exactly what it might be.

From what we can see it does look pretty good picking up off the end of The Force Awakens and looks guaranteed to be another huge blockbuster in the franchise but if you want to go see the film with no hits at where it might lead then probably best not to watch the trailer other wise please do watch it here…….

Film opens 15th December 2017.


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