The Purge 3

......he had not really got the right idea about how to be a clown...

The Purge films are made by BlumHouse productions, the masters of low budget and big box office returns and we’re soon to see the third part in the franchise starring Frank Grillo.

The films performed fantastically well with the first one costing $3m and making $89m worldwide and the second film $9m and making almost $112m worldwide. This 3rd one has been budgeted at $10m so we’ll see very soon just how it’ll perform.

We spoke to Frank just after the 2nd film came out and we asked him what a 3rd part might have in store and he replied:

FG: I think we’re just spit-balling but I think it’ll be to do with the rise of the poor and a revolution that would kind of be the natural occurrence of things and a broader scope of what the purge is from a government stand point.

It’s out in the US on July 1st and in the UK on 15th July

Here’s the final trailer…… not sure if this is part of Donald Trump’s campaign but it’s more than likely that the ludicrously coiffured comb over clown will see this as a potential policy…..


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