The Raid remake……

....please let the elevator be working....

Anyone who saw the Indonesian film ‘The Raid’ directed by Welshman Gareth Evans will remember it for the utterly astonishing action sequences that Hollywood can only dream of making. Well inevitably Hollywood are going to remake it and at one point director Patrick Hughes (The Expendables 3) was attached but now the responsibility is falling to writer director Joe Carnahan.

A remake of the film has been in the works for a few years but the main problem appears to be that no one in the US has the fighting skills seen in the Indonesian film which would mean a diluted and vanilla US remake which would pale in comparison to the original.

However Carnahan and actor Frank Grillo are seen on a couch in an Instagram post swopping ideas for the remake with one suggestion to move the action to Caracas, Venezuela. From what they both talk about it seems that it will be more a ‘reimagining’ than a straight remake. Carnahan has tweeted that his version “will be closer in tone & feel to ‘The Grey’ and ‘Narc’ and goes on to say that Gareth Evans and has given the film his full blessing and will produce the film too.

Carnahan has had a bit of a turbulent time of late having written the “Uncharted” film adaptation he was also going to direct but had to pass the role to Shawn Levy as Carnahan had commitments to “Bad Boys for Life” aka Bad Boys 3. However that has now been pushed back by a year which has left a gap in Carnahan’s schedule which possibly will now be taken up with this ‘reimagining’ and if so that would indicate this is happening sooner rather than later.

As a reminder of what the US has to live up to here;s the trailer of the original film…..


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