The Shallows

....over millions of years all life had evolved from the sea and now even surf boards were developing legs.....

Since ‘Jaws’ we’ve had no end of shark movies over the decades , some being laughably bad (‘Jaws the revenge’) and some being pretty good (‘Open Water’ & ‘Deep Blue Sea’ – well, we enjoyed it!).

It’s been a while since we’ve had a decent shark movie and ‘The Shallows’ which opens in the summer has a pretty good trailer with Blake Lively starring. Helmed  by Spanish director Jaume Collet Serra whose resume includes the dreadful ‘House of Wax’ remake which starred socialite parasite Paris Hilton (but at least had the decency to bump her off in a suitably gruesome manner) and also the far better ‘Orphan’ . Both were horror films before he went onto direct two action thrillers with Liam Neeson, (‘Non-Stop’ & ‘Run all night’).

The Shallows opens in the US on 29th June and in the UK on 12th August.

Here’s the trailer:


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