The violence that Tarantino will never use in his films


At the recent 2023 Cannes Film Festival Quentin Tarantino did a one hour movie masterclass and spoke about a number of projects including his book Cinema Speculation and his forthcoming tenth and last film The Movie critic. But as part of the Q&A he was asked about the brutality in his films and about the violence that Tarantino will never use in his films

It’s been reported that Tarantino’s mum once told him that we can all withstand images of violence if provided with context but as much as the director loves violent films he has drawn a few moral lines saying,

I have a big thing about killing animals in movies. That’s a bridge I can’t cross, insects too. Unless I’m paying to see some bizzarro documentary, I’m not paying to see real death. Part of the way that this all works is that it’s all just make believe. That’s why I can stand the violent scenes, cause we’re all just fucking around. Some animal, some dog, some llama, some fly, some rat, doesn’t give a fuck about your movie,” he said. “I’d kill a million rats, but I don’t necessarily want to kill one in a movie or see one killed in a movie, because I’m not paying to see real death. Almost always, it’s not just the violence that I have a problem with,” he said. “There’s usually an incompetence factor in there.”

So there you have it – Tarantino begins production on his 10th film in the Autumn

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