Those Fast X cars…….


With each new chapter in the Fast & Furious series, the primary directive for the filmmakers and longtime picture car supervisor DENNIS McCARTHY is to broaden the scope of the car culture intrinsic to the Fast DNA. Introducing audiences to the bold, innovative one-of-a-kind performance vehicles while also embracing the true classics, whether Tuner or Muscle Car, keeps the Fast Saga securely in its place at apex of automotive cinema and now with those Fast X cars

For more than 15 years, beginning with Tokyo Drift, Fast filmmakers have looked to McCarthy to curate and custom-build standout vehicles for these films, and Fast X was no exception. “If you love cars, I do not think there is a better franchise in the world,”
McCarthy says. “There are no other projects that I work on that give me this type of freedom to create the cars that I love. With each film, we increase the car count, action, number of parts, really the number of everything.”

In the Fast realm, cars are extensions of every character. In Fast X, the cars are cooler, faster and more powerful than ever before. The film’s signature vehicles include:

 Dom Toretto’s , a 100-percent electric concept car. The black beauty’s beautiful lines and Dodge lineage caught McCarthy’s eye and fit perfectly with Dom’s character.

 Tess’s 2023 NISSAN Z.

 Cipher’s cool, tech sensibility, paired perfectly with a sleek prototype DELOREAN with gull wings.

 Dante rides Harley Davidson’s newest adventure touring motorcycle, the 2022 PAN AMERICA. Jason Momoa, an avid motorcycle rider and collector of vintage
automobiles, matched his nail color to the bike.

 Roman’s penchant to go big or go home is personified with a $7 million 2022 PAGANI.

 Tej’s car of choice is an American-made hypercar, the 2023 HENNESSY VENOM F5 COUPE, valued $2.75 million.

 Han’s black/maroon 1971 DATSUN 240Z syncs with Sung Kang’s love of vintage cars.

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