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Top summer films of all time in UK cinemas…….


So with Summer well under way and many of this year’s blockbusters already out we thought we’d have a look at the top UK box-office ticket sales for all June/July/August releases on record……..

Film UK distributor Release date in UK cinemas UK cinema


1 Toy Story 3 Walt Disney 23 July 2010 £73.8 million
2 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2* Warner Bros. 15 July 2011 £73.1m
3 Mamma Mia! The Movie* Universal 11 July 2008 £68.0m
4 Jurassic World Universal 12 June 2015 £64.3m
5 Star Wars: The Phantom Menace* 20th Century Fox 16 July 1999 £56.6m
6 The Dark Knight Rises* Warner Bros. 20 July 2012 £56.2m
7 The Full Monty* 20th Century Fox 29 August 1997 £52.1m
8 Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest Walt Disney 7 July 2006 £51.9m
9 Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince* Warner Bros. 17 July 2009 £50.7m
10 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix* Warner Bros. 13 July 2007 £49.4m
11 The Dark Knight* Warner Bros. 25 July 2008 £48.8m
12 Shrek 2 UIP 2 July 2004 £47.8m

credit: comScore/FDA.

Eight of the 12 films in the chart, marked * above, were produced wholly or partly in the UK.



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