Top Ten Ghostbuster mistakes……..


So much hate has been unjustly levelled at the new Ghostbusters film but the original was not so perfect either.

Here’s the top ten mistakes we’ve picked out from the original film:

  1. Bill Murray’s disappearing tie clip – in one early scene his tie clip appars and disappears from shot to shot.
  2. Who is hiding behind filing cabinet behind secretary’s desk? Later on in the film there is a shot of Annie Potts at her desk and behind her are filing cabints where you can see someone crouching behind them hiding
  3. When the ghostbusters go after Slimer in the hotel some of the chandelier lights disappear.
  4. In the sam scene in the hotel conference room one of the ghostbusters plasma rays appear to come form a pot plant
  5. A shot of the New York Post newspapers features a headline photo of the group from the final scene of the film before it’s happened
  6. A man carries a violin guy in his right hand and then next shot it’s under his left arm
  7. When Sigourney Weaver gets sucked into the kitchen door you an se the track line on the floor.
  8. As Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd dropinto the road cracks you can clearly see they are stunt doubles.
  9. In the climactic scenes a huge boulder falls on a member of the public and then bounces off him
  10. The marshmallow man, Mr Stay-Puft, red neckerchief disappears in the final scene as he steps on a church
  11. When the hands emerge from the chair that Sigourney Weaver sits on you can se that one hand is clearly groping her boob.

OK so there’s 11 and we found a few more too – let us know if you find anymore


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