Triangle of Sadness – TRAILER


Whilst the release of behind the porn scenes film, ‘Pleasure’ was not without its controversy (read about it HERE and watch the director talk about the film HERE) hot on its heels in the outrage stakes is the Triangle of Sadness trailer.  A satirical comedy it won the 2022 Palme D’or at the Cannes Film Festival. Directed by Ruben Östlund it is the second time he has won the award and is his first English language film.

Co-starring Woody Harrelson as the alcoholic ship’s captain the film follows an aspiring model who gets the chance to vacation aboard a luxury yacht  after his influencer girlfriend wins them a free trip alongside a load of pretentious guests who make up society’s top 1% but they all get their comeuppance when the trip takes a very dark turn.

The win was not without controversy with audience members walking out during one notorious graphic vomit spattered, faeces filled 15 minute sequence. The film will show at the forthcoming Toronto Film Festival before its released in the US in the Autumn with a release date to be confirmed for the UK Neon, who were also behind the release of Pleasure, will be distributing.

Here’s the Triangle of Sadness trailer ….be warned that its NSFW!


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