Falling under the category ‘men-on-a-mission’ War Blade is a WWII set thriller starring Joseph Millson as Robert Banks, a military agent for British Special Ops. Summoned to HQ he is tasked with leading a small team of operatives in rescuing a French resistance fighter from a hidden Nazi Bunker. This intel has come from a nurse (Alina Tamara) who escaped from the bunker and is being held by Ivy Lavigne (Rebecca Scott) a French based British agent and both will be part of the team that Banks will lead against a heavily fortified bunker. However it soon becomes clear to the small unit that there’s far more to the bunker than they realize.

War Blade is written and directed by Nicholas Winter and clearly made on the lowest of budgets. Production design is almost non-existent and a lack of set dressing, furniture suggests that the interior scenes have seemingly been filmed as soon as the crew arrived at the location. Though the soldiers have guns the scene quite often cuts away when they are being fired and those seen getting shot in vision are limited to the number of squibs that the budget could presumably afford. And where the mission would presumably be best carried out undercover of the night and on occasion when it is the members of unit are wearing light coloured clothing, so much of their journey to the bunker is in broad daylight meaning that not only do they have to beware of Nazis but the biggest danger  that  the two of the red headed members of the team face is presumably skin cancer.

There are the expected tropes here with one of them in act of self-sacrifice for the greater good of the mission and there is an impressive bit of effects work when the bunker is destroyed.  But War Blade serves best as a showcase for the acting talent. Joseph Millson, by far the most experienced actor with appearances in ‘Angel has Fallen’, ‘Casino Royale’ and a number of well known TV series, does well with a lacklustre dialogue as do the rest of the cast. But War Blade is decidedly straight to video fodder.

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