What has Mickey Rourke been up to now…..?

.....'Mickey - the boxing pineapple' was a name that no one feared......

Though his career has had more ups and downs than Wayne Rooney’s pants in a retirement home Mickey Rourke has always been an actor to keep your eye on.

We were discussing his superb Oscar nominated portrayal as a washed up wrestler in the film which the Editor said was called, ‘The Boxer’  until we pointed out that Rourke’s  portrayal as a wrestler was in a film called……. ‘The Wrestler’.

Off the back of that Rourke was back in favour and was cast in ‘Iron Man 2’ & ‘The Expendables’ – not the greatest of films and a few years later he was back indulging in what was, at one point, a career for him as a boxer after the acting work had dried up.

In 2014 having not had a bout in 20 years he returned to the boxing ring aged 62 years old to take on another fighter half his age in an exhibition fight in Moscow.

Shortly before the fight his dog died and Rourke was plunged into what could best be described as a ‘mystical state’. At the time his long time friend Richard Aujard , was filming a documentary about the fight called ‘Guapo Siempre’ which we think means ‘always handsome’ in Spanish something which our Editor an never be accused of (‘You’re fired’- Ed).

This should be an intriguing documentary and is set to be released later this year. No trailer just yet but will bring it to you as soon as we get it.

Frankly after the Editor’s had a skinful on a Friday night he lays on his own exhibition fight as he staggers down Shaftsbury Avenue  windmilling away at any poor tourist who gets in his way. (‘Rubbish! I’m merely offering directions ‘– Ed)


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