What Ridley Scott might be doing next………

.......even his holiday videos had to directed with a full crew.......

For most people who hit 80 years its time to start to wind down but not Ridley Scott  who seems to be getting busier. Last year he had Alien Covenant out and worked on ‘All the Money in the World ‘ and the subsequent headache and logistical nightmare it must have been to excise Kevin Spacey from the film and replace him wholesale with Christopher Plummer in completely new scenes that had to be reshot a matter of weeks before the film was released.

We would say its enough to drive our Editor to drink but too late (‘You’re Fired!’ – Ed) but Sir Ridley already has several productions lined up with the next reportedly being, ‘The Merlin Saga’ written by Oscar winning Philippa Boyens and based on T.A. Barron’s 1990s books which looks at the young wizard whose life began when he was left for dead and washed up on the shores of ancient Wales with no memory or name, (sounds like the Editors stag night! – ‘You’re definitely fired!’- Ed)) but in possession of a mysterious power (again, this sounds like the Editors ability to talk cobblers! – ‘Clear your desk!‘ – Ed) that leads him to a strange and enchanted land (The Editors corner of the bar at The Nags Head pub – ‘Security! get him out of the office!’ – Ed).

We’re not sure if this will be his next film though as he’s already been working on  an adaptation of Don Winslow’s “The Cartel” which is well into development. Not content with directing those he’s also producing the action film, ‘Task Force Two’ about a real search-and-rescue team based in California that, for once, he won’t be directing leaving that duty to newcomer Jennifer McDevitt.



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