Which two TV hits are being remade for next year……

....the advertising company found that they were now being sued by the toothpaste manufacturer....

With this years raft of Summer blockbusters really getting into gear with Captain America it’s worth having a look at two TV titles which are getting big studio remakes for late next Summer

First up is Saturday tea time series ‘CHiPs’ which originally starred Erik Estrada and Larry Wilcox which ran from 1997 to 1983. The acronym stood for Californian Highway Patrol (thankfully the series which featured the California Rapid Air Patrol never got made) and was meant to be a star vehicle for Larry Wilcox with Estrada thrown in to show some race diversity in the police but it turned out that Estrada was the one the audience took to and became the real star of the series.

Set for release on 17th August 2017 this will be directed and star Dax Shepherd (whose mostly done TV) and also Michael Pena. Unlike the TV series this is to be more serious in tone but with more action set pieces and is meant to be something along the lines of  a ‘Lethal Weapon’ buddy movie.

The other TV remake is  of Stephen King’s, ‘It’, which featured the late Tim Curry as the clown crazed horror (although we think it looked more like hack romantic novelist Barbara Cartland on an off day). This has been a long gestating project with the original director already having flounced off having had creative differences with the studio but is still set to star Will Poulter as Pennywise the Clown terrorising the town kids.

Andy Musetti (‘Mama’) is now set to direct and we should see it September 7th 2017


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