What you didn’t know about Home Alone ……

Home Alone - Did you know this about the Macaulay Culkin classic

It’s incredible to think that Home Alone, one of the most beloved of Christmas films was released all the way back in 1990. So we ‘ve had a closer look and uncovered a load of facts that you might not know about the film.

  1. The late great writer director John Hughes had the idea when making a list of things to do as he prepared to go on holiday when it occurred to him, ‘What if I left my 10-year-old son at home? What would he do?’”
  2. The home in the film is 671 Lincoln Avenue in Winnetka, Illinois,(and has been a huge tourist attraction ever since the film was released). It was then owned by the Abendshien family who lived there throughout the five month shoot
  3. Kevin’s treehouse was purpose built for the film but the owners turned down the chance to keep it
  4. Those Paris airport scenes of the family trying to get back home were actually shot in O’Hare International Airport in Chicago
  5. Macaulay Culkin was only 9 years old when they shot the film and his age prevented him from working at night after 10pm so actors Joe Pesci, Daniel Stern and Catherine O’Hara found themselves performing to the director Chris Columbus or the script supervisor or frequently a tennis ball!
  6. John Hughes had worked with Culkin on Uncle Buck the year before and created the role in Home Alone specifically for him although he did still audition hundreds of other kids for the role
  7. Robert De Niro was offered the Joe Pesci role though it was never seriously considered that he would take it. Jon Lovitz was also in the running for the role.
  8. The movie that Kevin watches on the TV is ‘Angels with Dirty Faces’ but the crew had to recreate it and shoot the scene from the film due to a number of rights issues. Bet you didn’t know that, ‘Ya filthy animal!’
  9. John Candy was only paid $414 for his cameo in the film.
  10. On the second day of filming there was a snowstorm so the crew quickly amended the schedule to take advantage of the weather and enhanced the snow with potato flakes for the scene where Kevin reunites with his family on Christmas morning
  11. However after the snow storm the crew had to maintain the snow for continuity and snow machines, bags of ice and even refrigerated trucks with ice flakes were bought in. But they had issues when it melted and it began to leak into the basement of the house
  12. The tarantula on Marv’s face is real and Daniel Stern’s scream is real.
  13. Made for just $16m the film eventually earned $476m worldwide

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