What’s happened to Suicide Squad the David Ayer cut?

Suicide Squad the David Ayer cut - What's happened to it?

Though 2016’s Suicide Squad made $749m at the box office it remained a critical failure for a number of reasons and it soon came out that it was not the intended version that director David Ayer had written and much like the SnydercCut of Justice League there were rumours over the years that the same would happen this ensemble film.  What’s happened to Suicide Squad the David Ayer cut?

‘Release The Ayer Cut’ was trending with fans wanting to see the directors version of the film that had a very different third act. 2023 saw the very real possibility of his version of the film becoming a reality but clearly something has occurred that suggests it is now not happening .

On the directors twitter account ( yeah, we know its X but who really calls it that?) he said, “I’m done with DC”.

He was then asked if he was still going to push for an ‘Ayer Cut’ release of “Suicide Squad” he said: “Nope. Done and done. Very sad. You’ll be fine after a good cry. I feel healthier. It’s a wound that needs to heal. Nothing about the situation feels good. Studio has no interest in releasing it. It’s time to run and not look back.” before adding ‘Naw I’m good. Don’t need to be walking around with a begging bowl. Gonna protect my heart more moving forward.”

It seems that two years ago when WarnerMedia Studios and Networks Group chairwoman, indicated the studio had no intention of developing Ayer’s cut of the film is certainly now the case. So that’s  what’s happened to Suicide Squad the David Ayer cut?

Ayers next film is the Jason Statham actioner ‘The Beekeper’

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