Who does Brad Pitt want to direct World War Z Two…….?


2013 saw the release of a big budget zombie movie by a major studio. It was the film adaptation of World War Z and starred Brad Pitt who also produced it and was directed by Marc Foster. All looked fine until rumours about differences of opinion stared emerging between director and star and ultimately the entire third act of the film was scrapped and reshot with the film’s budget eventually coming in at a massive $190m.  Normally when this happens the film bombs but what actually happened was quite the reverse with decent reviews and the film making a very healthy $540,007,876. 

A sequel was inevitable albeit with a new director this time being J.A Bayona who has now cleared off to direct the Jurassic World sequel so it seems that Pitt the Elder has now called on top director David Fincher to direct the sequel and negotiations are quite far down the road if rumours are to be believed. The pair have a history of success behind them with Seven, Fight Club and …um…The Curious Case of Benjamin Button which we thought was far too long but picked up Oscar nominations.

The sequel is set for a June 2017 release but this is highly unlikely although with his previous form with sequels (Alien 3) he’ll kill off Brad Pitt during the titles………


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