Will Ferrell’s new film(s)…….

......the photographer misunderstood the phrase 'topless' dancers......

We like Will Ferrell although the quality of his films can vary greatly. For every ‘Elf’ & ‘Anchorman’ there’s a ‘Semi Pro’ and ‘Get Hard’.  The recent ‘Daddy’s Home’ was good and made so much that a sequel is being fast tracked but before that we have news of a family holiday comedy about to start shooting called, ‘Captain Dad’ directed by Chilean writer-director Sebastian Silva’s  and co-starring two-time Oscar-nominee Catherine Keener and Michael Cera.

The dark comedy sees Ferrell playing the patriarch of a wealthy American family who books a lavish Caribbean vacation for his wife’s (Keeners) birthday and sure enough the family feud begins when Cera, playing the daughter’s boyfriend, tests their relationships to the limit.

Shooting starts in September for release late 2017.

Of even more interest is ‘Hustlers of Scores’ a film that he is producing and may possibly star in. To be directed by Adam Mckay (‘The Big Short’) this is a true story of a group of lap dancers fleecing their Wall Street clientele of far more than an extra dance. Based on a magazine article it follows a group of dancers who would seek out wealthy men who they would incapacitate with drink and drugs before bringing them back to their lap dancing club and running up huge bills on the men’s credit cards.

We’d love to see Will Ferrell doing that one….although unsurprisingly the Editor has volunteered to take the lead role also.


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