Will there finally be a Lethal Weapon 5…….?

.......Gibson, Donner, Glover.......

With Mel Gibson seemingly having served his time as a Hollywood outcast for quite some years it seems that bit by bit he’s being welcomed back into the fold particularly after the critically lauded ‘Hacksaw Ridge’ which had several Oscar nominations earlier this year.

‘Lethal Weapon’ was Gibson’s franchise which was a massively successful franchise with the four films making around $1billion though admittedly the last film, which is now almost twenty years ago, was bloated with its ever burgeoning cast including an increasingly irritating turn by Joe Pesci whose lines comprised mostly of saying, ‘OK, OK OK OK OK’, ad nauseum. Undoubtedly the first two films were by far the best and hopefully they films will return to form.

Mel Gibson, Danny Glover and Richard Donner are all reportedly considering a reunion and that’s really all you want. Director Donner has not made a film since 2006’s Bruce Willis starrer ’16 Blocks’ and will be 88 years old in April 2018 and Glover is 71 years old so his catch phrase, ‘I’m too old for this s**t’  may be only too relevant now and Gibson is 62 years old.

It seems the success of the TV series which is about to start a second series may have invigorated interest in the films and the screenwriter of Channing Gibson who wrote the fourth film is in line to start putting together ideas for a fifth film although he ‘s not written a script since 2004’s ‘Walking Tall’ which starred The Rock.


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