More zombies about to invade…….

.....the zombies refused to say 'cheese' for the photographer....

It’s good news for zombie fans as it’s been announced here at Cannes that The Hobbit star, Martin Freeman will headline the zombie pandemic thriller ‘Cargo’ from producer Kristina Ceyton (The Babadook).

Those in the know will be aware of a short film of the same name on YouTube (subscribe to our YouTube channel too) by Yolanda Ramke and Ben Howling, which has hit in excess of 10 million views.  Both will now direct the film as their first-time feature director as well as having written the script  which follows a father stranded in rural Australia in the aftermath of a violent zombie pandemic and becomes infected himself and desperately races against time to find a home for his toddler to prevent any harm coming to her as he changes.

The film begins shooting in Australia in the autumn this year.

And while we’re talking of zombie pandemic’s, Ellen Page (who was great in ‘Juno’) is set to to star in psychological horror film ‘The Third Wave’, also set in a post-Zombie epidemic era except this time in Europe.

David Freyne who has previously directed short films has written and will direct what will be his feature film debut too. The film is set in the aftermath of a devastating virus that has gripped the continent for six years where once contracted it transforms a human into a zombie-like monster (or ‘The Editor’ as we like to call it).

With society divided into those who were once infected (and commit various acts of terrible violence) and those who never contracted the virus the divide is further fuelled by a cure which has been found. At the same time a terrorist movement has risen threatening to destabilise the region even further. Filming for ‘The Third Wave’ will take place in Ireland later this year also.

We, at the AnyGoodFilms? office, have also made a film about the meat munching menaces except this one stars the Editor having been covertly filmed trying to eat a kebab after another liquid lunch at The Nags Head pub round the corner – it’s a truly horrifying sight! (‘You’re all fired!’ – Ed)



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