Win a blu-ray bundle of sci fi classic, ‘The Final Programme’ & cult film, ‘Linie 1’


Here’s a chance to win a blu-ray bundle that includes the 70’s sci-fi classic, ‘The Final Programme’ & cult film, ‘Linie 1’

Jon Finch (Hitchcock’s, ‘Frenzy’) heads an impressive cast as the flamboyant anti-hero of the dystopian, darkly humorous and very adult sci-fi thriller, ‘The Final Programme’. Based on cult novelist Michael Moorcock’s acclaimed 1968 novel the film is set In a far-off future, mankind is in a state of decay. But a group of scientists believe they have found the means to move humanity on to its next level in the creation of an ideal, self-replicating – and thus immortal – human being. Jerry Cornelius, Nobel Prize-winning physicist and playboy adventurer, is vital to the project’s success: his recently deceased father devised the formula of this ‘final programme’. However, the formula is captured on a microfilm hidden in the vaults of the family’s mansion, and jealously guarded by Jerry’s drug-addicted, psychopathic brother, Frank…

Jon Finch is outstanding as the black-clad Cornelius, who is like a rock ‘n’ roll James Bond with a PhD, dropped into a psychedelic, action packed sci-fi – and going a little ape in the process (in a sequence that predates the cosmic mayhem of Ken Russell’s Altered States). The amazing cast makes the film a must-watch in itself – legendary American actor Sterling Hayden (in what seems like a carry on of his wild role in Dr. Strangelove), Jenny Runacre (Antonioni’s The Passenger), Graham Crowden (Britannia Hospital), Patrick Magee (The Avengers), Ronald Lacey (Raiders of the Lost Ark), Harry Andrews (Hawk the Slayer), and genre favourites Julie Ege (The Mutations) and Sarah Douglas (Superman II).

LINIE 1 is based on the wildly successful stage musical that sees Sunnie leaving her stifling provincial hometown to find rock musician Johnnie, who got her pregnant on a one-night stand. She ends up at Berlin’s bustling, chaotic Zoo station, where she gets stuck on underground Line 1, encountering an array of fringe urban characters including hipsters, pimps, punks, drunks and rap queens, who help her on her quest to find her elusive lover. The film offers a stinging critique of a divided Germany before the fall of the Berlin wall, but also serves as a fascinating portrait of Berlin’s vibrant and unique bohemian society – the literal underground of the city.

With a fantastic, catchy soundtrack and irrepressible energy, LINIE 1 – one of the most successful German musicals ever released – is a quirky gem that fans of cult hits Subway, Streets of Fire, Run Lola Run and Victoria are bound to enjoy, and anyone with a nostalgia for the 80s should not miss. LINIE 1 is one train journey you won’t mind getting stuck on!

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