Win a copy of the horror film, ‘Temple’…….EXPIRED


Our Editor never tires of telling us that his body is a temple in which case we can only presume that come each Saturday morning after another big night out at The Nags Head it’s become a dilapidated Presbyterian youth centre……..but we digress because ‘Temple’ is actually the title of the latest from the writer of Blair Witch, The Guest and V/H/S. and is a frightening horror steeped in Japanese folklore.

After locals in a northern Japanese village discover a body horribly disfigured by injuries that make identification impossible, it’s down to them to piece together found footage captured by a group of young Americans who were believed to be lost in a remote temple that’s a focal point of superstition. As they begin to discover the truth, however, the mystery as to the whereabouts of these missing tourists becomes increasingly chilling.

To win a copy of the film just answer the following question.

Writer Simon Barrett has written ‘You’re Next’, ‘The Guest’ & ‘Blair Witch’ for which director?

a) Ti West

b) Eduardo Sanchez

c) Gareth Wingard

To enter just:

*******COMPETITION CLOSES at 23:59hrs on 17th SEPTEMBER 2017*******

Following condition apply:

  1. Entrants must be residents in the UK.
  2. There is no cash alternative to the prize stated. The prize is not transferable and no part or parts of the prize may be substituted by the winner for other benefits, items or additions.
  3. Winners will be picked by the site.
  4. Winners name, e-mail address and address will be passed to a third party provider for contact and prize delivery.

Here’s the trailer……


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