Win a copy of Bad Samaritan starring David Tennant…….EXPIRED


Bad Samaritan stars David Tennant, whose turn as Dr Who reinforced the stereotype of a Glaswegian with a screwdriver dragging women into a telephone box, but here plays a wholly different role here on sensationally nasty form, in a white-knuckle home invasion thriller from the producers of Independence Day.

Struggling photographer Sean Falco (Robert Sheehan), who funds his lifestyle with a sideline in burglary, thinks he has hit the jackpot when he breaks into the luxurious house of the wealthy Cale Erendreich (Tennant).  Things go wrong when Sean discovers a woman chained up in the house. Unable to free her before Cale returns, Sean reluctantly goes to the police to explain what he’s seen. By the time they investigate, Cale has covered his tracks, and the police tell Sean to stop harassing him. Sean soon realises Cale will stop at nothing to shut him up – permanently.

bad samaritan

David Tennant absolutely steals the show, revelling in his role as the sinister, buttoned up Cale Erendreich, a man with plenty of dark secrets who’ll do whatever it takes to keep them that way.

To win a copy of Bad Samaritan just answer the following insultingly easy question:

What TV Doctor did David play from 2005 – 2012?

a) Doc Ock

b) Doctor Livingstone

c) Dr Who

To enter just:

*******COMPETITION CLOSES AT 23:59hrs ON 21ST OCTOBER 2018*******

Following condition apply:

  1. Entrants must be residents in the UK.
  2. There is no cash alternative to the prize stated. The prize is not transferable and no part or parts of the prize may be substituted by the winner for other benefits, items or additions.
  3. Winners will be picked by the site.
  4. Winners name, e-mail address and address will be passed to a third party provider for contact and prize delivery

Here’s the trailer for Bad Samaritan……


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