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Ronnie takes offence when asked if he likes sausage

A little known fact is that The Blind Beggar Pub in London’s East End is quite possibly the biggest pub in the entire world. We only state this because every East End cockney pensioner I’ve ever met claims to have been there the night that Ronnie Kray shot George Cornell  dead. However the new film depicting the notorious life of the 60’s criminal brothers would beg to differ as it appears there were only about six others there – either that or the budget didn’t stretch to more extras!

Anyway this is the latest retelling of the story of the Kray twins and their criminal reign over the East End and their feud with the notorious Richardson’s gang. The story of the twins is well known but the draw here is Tom Hardy in dual roles playing both brothers in two clearly defined performances. Technically this is absolutely faultless with the some sequences, notably where Hardy as Ron fights Hardy as Reggie, so well done you can scarcely believe it’s the same actor fighting himself.

Very much downplaying the influence their mother had on their lives as well as the investigation that brings about their downfall this focuses on the relationship between the two brothers and doesn’t shy from Ronnie’s homosexuality.

In time honoured tradition here’s your chance to win a copy of the film just by answering our insultingly easy question:

In the 1990 film ‘The Krays’ which real life brothers played Ronnie & Reggie?

  1. A) The Chuckle Brothers
  2. B) The Everly Brothers
  3. C) Martin & Gary Kemp

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Competition closes at 23:59 hrs on 1st February 2016


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Here’s the trailer:


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