it was too late before he realised it wasn't an electric toothbrush

The vision of a man of immense stature lumbering around growling, finding it difficult to control his limbs, low of brow and low of IQ with a face that only a mother could love is perhaps the best way to describe the Editor at last year’s Christmas party but equally describes the monster in most versions of the classic gothic novel  and since the 1931 original ‘Frankenstein’  has had more incarnations than the Editor’s been knocked back by young starlets at red carpet premiere’s. Every version of the gothic tale has had varying degrees of success with 2013’s ‘I, Frankenstein 3D’ proving disastrous making only $71m on  a budget of $65m with the recent ‘Victor Frankenstein’ faring little better making only $35m worldwide to date although in fairness with Star Wars opening a week later few films stood much of a chance.

So this version is set in modern day USA and director Bernard Rose follows a pair of married scientists (Carrie Moss & Danny Huston) with a bit of a God complex who create the first man, Adam (see what they did there?).

All goes well and Adam grows up to be a well adjusted man who becomes a respected environmentalist and cures cancer whilst formulating a peace process for the Middle East……no, of course he doesn’t. In time honoured tradition the experiment goes awry and Adam escapes the laboratory and has to survive the horrors of a modern day LA.

This is a decent take on a well worn story and has some suitably horrific moments for fans of the genre and Bernard Rose who has done some decent horror films in the past (‘Candyman’, ‘Snuff-Movie’ which both deserved a bigger audience) handles it all competently.

Here’s your chance to win a copy of the film with our ‘insult to the intelligence’ question:

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Who wrote the classic gothic novel, ‘Frankenstein?

  1. Mary Shelley
  2. Emily Bronte
  3. Enid Blyton


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Here’s the trailer:



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