Wish - Will this be everything you wish for in a Disney movie?

We all have a wish whether it be something simple or far more involved or maybe like our Editor’s wish, should it ever be granted, something that will undoubtedly end up with him slapped with an injunction. Disney’s new film Wish plays on that premise of a wish with its film of the same title.

In keeping with so many recent Disney films the central figure is again a heroine and here she is Asha (Arianne DeBose) who lives in the kingdom of Rosas ruled by the humbly named King Magnifico (Chris Pine) who is also a sorcerer able to grant wishes to his citizen’s. At 18 years old they share their wish with him but the twist here is that they lose any memory of it until Magnifico at a later date when plucking it out at random for granting should they be so lucky

But much like the dreams granted on Jim Fix it restricted by a tight BBC budget the dreams that Magnifico grants his citizens here only come true if they are pretty pedestrian. Any wish that would challenge the status quo of Magnifico’s kingdom would remain ungranted in the same way that any letter arriving at the Jim’ll Fix it production office asking for Jim to fix it for a police investigation quickly found itself in the recycling bin. Asha wants her grandfather, who is about to turn 100 years old, to have his wish granted and is hopeful that as she becomes Magnifico’s apprentice she might be able to make it all come true but she soon comes to realize that the sorcerer king is hiding something.

There’s a decent idea at the centre of this and Magnico who is clearly something of a quiet dictator in his way of controlling the people by granting wish’s the film quickly gets pedestrian in a film that only lasts 60 minutes solely because it is padded out with a number of songs none of which have the earworm of Frozen’s ‘Let it go!’ which Wish uses as a kind of template having also shared the same screenwriter. Those banal musical numbers are just one of the problems here and like so many modern musicals have the effect of leaving the audience thinking they have amnesia as they are forgetting the songs even as they are being sung. There are of course the comedic animal sidekick and here it’s a lamb who gets the best lines and gets the film its (only) laughs and is joined by a sort of star shaped character that is the films hoped for merchandise winner but instead would look as though its drifted in from the neighbouring Pokemon studio.

Wish is flat and formulaic and has none of the whizz and sheer joie de vivre of the best Disney films and rounds off a disappointing year of releases for the studio that they will be glad to leave behind

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Here’s the Wish trailer…….


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