Wolf Creek 3 news…..


Wolf Creek in 2005 gave us the lunatic Aussie outback mass murderer Mick Taylor played with relish by actor John Jarratt. A big success it spawned a belated and far less successful sequel in 2013 and a TV series too. But there’s a still a lot fan fulled demand for a third film so what’s the latest Wolf Creek 3 news.

Well we interviewed actor John Jarratt some years ago asking him if there was a  trid one in the offing to which he replied, ‘Well we’re talking about it, yeah’. Keen to fin out more we asked what we could expect to which he laughed saying, ‘Oh we won’t be telling you that but nice try!’

Wolf Creek 3 news.....

Anyway he’s opened up a bit more about Wolf Creek 3 news as well as a tie-in TV series on his facebook page saying that both he and director Greg McLean are working on both projects. To that end he says…….

Hey guys! Let’s have a little chat about the return of our old mate Uncle Mick… To my delight, I have received an overwhelming amount of messages about Wolf Creek 3 the season and the movie. Greg McLean and I have both projects in the works but unfortunately [the situation] has the world at a standstill. I promise to keep you updated as we all try our best to get through these tough times.”

It’s still a bit vague and it’s been 7 years since the last film an it’s unclear when they might actually begin production although production has restarted on a several films here in the UK including the latest Mission Impossible and the third Jurassic World film. Australia seem to have handled the pandemic far better than the UK has so it would seem to be easier for filming.

Greg McLean wrote and directed each film and but has not had similar success with his other films such as the Daniel Radcliffe starrer, ‘Jungle‘ but said in 2018 that “Wolf Creek 3” would happen. We eagerly await further Wolf Creek 3 news

Here’s where the franchise left off…….


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