Zone of Interest director was the first kid in UK to see Star Wars

The first kid in UK to see Star Wars was.....

At a recent screening of the Oscar and BAFTA nominated  film The Zone of Interest director Jonathan Glazer chatted with host Alfonso Cuaron about the film and his work. It was whilst they discussed Glazer’s work and his interest in film that he revealed he was the first kid in UK to see Star Wars

I have a certainty [about this] because my dad designed TV Times, which was a listings magazine, many years ago,” he explained. “He got a ticket to see this new film, Star Wars, and he took me along. I was 12 years old or something. I remembered looking around. It was all adults. I was the only kid there. That was the first and only screening, so I was the first kid in London to see it. The other thing [I remember] is, I hated it. I mean, I know Star Wars fans are militant in their love of it, and I respect that, but I got nothing from it, weirdly. And, as a 12-year-old, you would’ve thought I would.”

Glazer went on to say. ‘“My dad was a big film fan,” he recalled, “and he had lots of film books. He used to read about directors. He’d read about actors, too, but he always said to me, ‘Directors more interesting than actors.’ He would sit in his armchair, watching movies, and I would sit on the floor next to him watching the movies he was watching. So that’s how I started.”…..“My dad was quite conventional in his taste,” he said. “[He liked] David Lean, Sidney Lumet, Sidney Pollack, Lindsay Anderson. Absolutely great filmmakers. So I had quite a classical film education through his interest in those films. I didn’t sit there with him and watch Pasolini.”

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