All You Need is Death – REVIEW

All You Need Is Death - a horror tale about an Irish folk song......

Irish horror has given us some truly alarming and stomach churning spectacle. Who can ever forget Jedward? The sort of duo whose photo you keep on the mantelpiece to keep the kids away from the fire. But the tuneless tosspots would cause even more horror should they cover a Beatles track alluded to with the title All you Need is Death and at the core of the film is a life altering song for the central characters. Yet Anna (Simone Collins) and Aleks (Charlie Maher)  they just don’t know it yet. They are a pair of chancers travelling Ireland in search of old folk songs that have been lost in the midst of time covertly recording them whenever they see then performed only to monetize it for themselves when sell it on. These folk songs are never written down but based from generation to generation.

But in an effort to increase their ability to track down the elusive songs they attend a kind of night class run by Agnes (Catherine  Siggins) like some kind of support group though none of them stand up to say ‘I’m a folk song addict!’ presumably because it would be less humiliating to say ‘I’m an alcoholic sex addict’ (or as we like to call it, ‘Our Editor’ – ‘You’re fired!’ – Ed). But Anna & Aleks track down cantankerous old woman Rita (Olwen Fouere) who has such a powerful song that it is only passed from woman to woman and as Rita has no children the song will die out with her. Rita will only sing it for Anna insisting that Aleks leaves the room while she performs it. For Aleks it’s something of a blessing as Anna soon finds as she listens to the bandied legged old crone caterwauling in a  manner the likes of which has not been heard since Amanda Holden’s album of West End hits.

But the song has been covertly recorded by Agnes unaware that the haunting – and by haunting we mean the sort of song you play at Halloween to keep the Trick or Treaters away- whose lyrics unfurl an increasingly dark and unsettling force of nature that will destroy them all.

Written and directed by Paul Duane he has an eye for several eerily hypnotic moments with imagery and sound colluding to great effect but these sequences are very much at the detriment to the narrative which becomes increasingly fragmented and frequently unfathomable and is likely to frustrate viewers of more conventional and linear horror narratives.

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Here’s the All you Need is Death trailer….


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