Ben Affleck’s ‘Live by Night’ breaks records for the wrong reasons…….

....Ben was taking a far more hands on approach with critics of his films.....

So who’s seen the new Ben Affleck film, ‘Live by Night’?

Not many if the box office is anything to go by as the film suffered a record third-week screen count drop in US – that is to say the number of screens its being showed on reduced dramatically with the biggest third-week drop in cinema screens since records began in 1982.

In week 2 of release the film was showing on 2,822 screens but by week three it was showing on just 163 screens a monumental drop of 2,659 screens. Next on the list was the

Eddie Murphy alleged comedy ‘Meet Dave’, which dropped from 3,011 screens to 488 screens in 2008 (a drop of 2523 screens) and in third place was Hardcore Henry, which declined from 3,015 screens to 519 screens last year (a drop of 2496 screens).

The third week of a films release is generally seen as a bit of a tipping point because if its not playing well then the cinemas can go to the studio and say ‘we need to free up some screens here’ as the first couple of weeks there’s not much room to manoeuvre but Live By Night had a big drop. However despite this Warner Bros. has some big films coming up including Wonder Woman & Justice League which are expected to do well. It also means that Live by Night will transition to the small screen far quicker which an work to the advantage of the studio which in turn gets revenue flowing faster

Live By Night, which Affleck starred in and directed, has done pretty badly for him making just $10m in the US and $18.9m worldwide and may just be one reason why he’s dropped out of directing ‘The Batman’.

Her’s the trailer…….


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