Details of a new predator movie…..

New Predator movie - here's what we know so far

With the critical and commercial success of the predator movie Prey which successfully revitalized the franchise there’s news now of a new Predator movie that is about to go into production. At the time Prey was released directly on to the streamer service Hulu and was its biggest-ever premiere, earning the most viewing hours in its first three days among all TV series and movies. It’s unclear at this time if “Badlands” will follow a similar release plan, or if it will play in cinemas. We’re hoping its the cinema.

Provisionally titled Badlands this certainly won’t be confused with the 1973 Terrance Malick classic film. Helming the film once more will be director Dan Trachtenberg who landed an Emmy nomination for his 2022 “Predator” prequel. Trachtenberg co-wrote script with Patrick Aison. Plot details are being kept secret but this one is said to be set sometime in the future and like Prey it too will feature a female lead. The project has been working under invisibility for some time and is far enough along that a July start of production is being planned.

The film is a high priority for the studio and sources say Trachtenberg and execs are already meeting with talent for the lead role. The surprise success of Prey crossed from critics to audience and reinvigorated the franchise. Now the studio is planning a host of Predator projects, with Trachtenberg at the center. And to that end sources say that while it is still in early development, a Prey 2 is still in the works that would return to the films original setting and with the films star, Amber Midthunder, potentially returning the first time a character in the franchise has has done this

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