Louis Theroux’s ‘My Scientology Movie’……

.....he was keen to get his money back from those painters....

Those familiar with Louis Theroux’s documentary’s will probably never forget his film about the late Jimmy Saville who later turned out to be on of the UK’s most notorious paedophile’s. Theroux has made filmed about a wide range of organisations on the fringe of society and for his latest film has turned his attention to the Church of Scientology which was recently shown at the Sheffield Documentary Fest where he spoke about the repurcussions of having made the film.

It seems that the scientologists are now out to get him with Theroux telling audiences that, ‘they are looking for slip-ups, grounds for legal suits. There’s an ongoing scary legal scrutiny.’

He went on to say that police had turned up at his home to tell him that sientologists had contacted police telling them that they,  ‘were worried you (Theroux) might get hurt. They said someone had seen your film and they really didn’t like it and had phoned [the Church] with a threat.”

“Something about that really doesn’t make any sense,” Theroux joked with the audience. “I actually quite liked it, they’re using those old school tactics.”

Theroux told audiences that it was actually those who had defected from the cult that hjad it worse and when one of the senior executives of the cult had left he found scientologists camping outside his house for a year.

Release dates for the US & UK are yet to be announced

Here’s an early trailer for the film…….



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