Robot Dreams – REVIEW

Robot Dreams - Do androids dream of electric sheep?

Whilst Pixar is the pre-eminent animated feature film makers it’s always good to see a different style of animation and Robot Dreams fits that slot nicely with its simple 2D animation.

Set in the 1980’s New York underlined by Earth, Wind & Fire’s ‘September’ as a musical motif throughout this is a dialogue free story of a dog surrounded by Manhattanites and yet still lonely. And he does what anyone would do – buys a mail order robot. It is his new and frankly only friend and their evolving  friendship is warmly depicted in the first act as the two connect and smile – that the pair quickly hold hands suggest something more – and yet heartbreak is round the corner after a day at the beach splashing around in  the sea . What could possibly go wrong when a working walking electrical unit goes into salt water? If only they had asked the makers of Bruce the shark in Jaws who know only too well and the robot shuts down when lying on the beach and dog unable to repair or lift him so has to leave him there on the last day of the season as the gates to the beach are locked up for the winter.

The pair spend the time pining and thinking of each other and with robot lying on the beach it brings to mind the title of the book Blade Runner was adapted from – ‘Do Androids dream of electric sheep?’ …..but that question is not answered here. But what does emerge is something of a truism that we do eventually move on whether it be from certain friends or previous relationships.

Though its style of animation is kid friendly its themes are far more grown up and there are moments in this that will move audiences although children will likely find it a little slow but don’t let that put you off as this is a delightful bit of whimsy.

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Here’s the Robot Dreams trailer……


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