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Expend4ables – REVIEW

Nine years after the last film we now have Expendables 4 or Expend4bles but without Jet Li, Terry Crews, Steve Austin and most famously...

Den of Thieves – REVIEW

Thankfully not a documentary about the AnyGoodFilms office,  Den of Thieves is a bit of a godsend for actor Gerard Butler whose recent films...

Den of Thieves – TRAILER

With Geostorm not been quite the box office bomb that the critics would have you believe  - so far its made $208m from its...

Predator reboot details…….

With Shane Black reading high with 'The Nice Guys' he's been asked about his future films especially the Predator script he'll be directing. In...

Predator casting….

Shane Black the scripting genius behind the Lethal Weapon franchise as well as the megahit Iron Man 3 is going to be directing a...