Predator reboot details…….

.......he'd accidently applied Heat-eze rather than his usual haemorrhoid cream....

With Shane Black reading high with ‘The Nice Guys’ he’s been asked about his future films especially the Predator script he’ll be directing. In a recent podcast he said, ‘If you think of the first Predator as Alien, ours is much more Aliens. It’s not Ten Little Indians, it’s not, Let’s kill off all of our characters, because we have a lot of characters, from a lot of different worlds and ideologies. I don’t mean other planets. It’s a lot of people doing a lot of things in a lot of locations.’

About the Predator’s themselves he said, ”What’s behind the curtain? Why are they here? What are they doing? What’s the bigger picture of this?… I think these are questions you can answer, or at least explore, without defeating that sense of scariness. And who knows if their agenda’s changed?”

Filming is to start in October for a February 9th 2018 release from a script he’s written with his friend Fred Dekker. At present the only cast member confirmed is the bankrupt (c)rapper 50 Cent (who’s presumably only worth a nickel now). It’s still unknown whether Schwarzenegger will be in it as both star and director seem to be in constant meetings with each other about the film.


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