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The casting of The Losers Club in It Chapter Two

While the first film was busy racking up critical praise, fan love and record-setting ticket sales, director Andy Muschietti had already plunged headlong into...

It Chapter Two – REVIEW

The reboot of Stephen King horror 'It' was a huge horror hit with audiences faces horrified by circus clown Pennywise, the pasty faced freak,...

The Angry Birds Movie 2 – REVIEW

So this sequel is not as we thought a second part in a series about our less than PC Editor’s ex-girlfriend’s but a follow...

Ralph Breaks the Internet – REVIEW

Although Ralph Breaks the Internet the last attempt to break it was by balloon bummed biffer Kim Kardashian, a woman whose backside is so...

Power Rangers…….

Like some latex  fetishists dreams the Power Rangers are back in brand new spangly costumes that conveniently cover the faces of the stunt men...