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A Cruella sequel already being planned…..

We really liked the Cruella film (read our review HERE) and its seems a lot of other do too with $48m being taken at...

The story behind those Cruella costumes…….

The character of Cruella de Vil continues to fascinate and excite audiences today with her exuberance, camp sensibilities and quick wit and after huge...

Cruella – REVIEW

So whilst Disney had huge success with their live action versions of their animated films it’s only comparatively recently we’ve had spin off films...

Cruella First Look Photos

It's well known just how successful Disney's live action adaptations of their animated classics have been.  But the unexpected announcement back in August 2019...

Cruella – TRAILER

Though we've had a regular stream of live action versions of Disney animated classics we now have a film more akin to 'Maleficent' where...