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She came to me – TRAILER

We are big fans of Peter Dinklage, a massively talented actor whose work has taken in blockbusters, TV series and heavyweight dramas but landing...

Cyrano – REVIEW

The classic tale of romance and secret unrequited love Cyrano De Bergerac has had many incarnations that have included Gerard Depardieu and even Steve...

The Angry Birds Movie 2 – REVIEW

So this sequel is not as we thought a second part in a series about our less than PC Editor’s ex-girlfriend’s but a follow...

Peter Dinklage as an action hero…….?

Though our Deputy Editor is of a stature where he has to tie bricks to the bottom of his shoes to reach the peddles...

The Boss – REVIEW

It’s not that long ago that 80’s popstar Boy George seemed to have lost the plot with his career and had turned to eating...