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The Bad Guys – REVIEW

The Bad Guys are a bunch of animals that are never first choice on the Disney cute scale so in that regard we have...

The Bad Guys – TRAILER

Landing in our inbox is The Bad Guys trailer, an animated feature with a bit of a Reservoir Dogs vibe about it.... Never have there...

The Souvenir Part II – REVIEW

Picking up immediately after the first film’s climatic moment the sequel begins with film student Julie (Honor Swinton Byrne) recovering at her parents luxurious...

Early Man – REVIEW

The latest episode in the Editor’s unfortunate way with words saw him go for an uncharacteristic jog in the local park only to be...

Paddington 2 – REVIEW

The phrase about what bears do in the woods might well have a been a sly joke used by the poster designer for the...

Early Man – trailer

Been a while since we had a film from Aardman Animation the people behind Wallace and Gromit but next year will see their latest...