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Tom Wilkinson – OBITUARY

Perhaps not a household name but Tom Wilkinson had a face that was a well known one perhaps best so for The Full Monty...

Dead in a Week (or your money back) – REVIEW

Dead in a Week is one of those black comedies set around a young man’s attempt at suicide. Now we like to think that...

Dead in a Week (or your money back) – TRAILER

We've just received the Dead in a Week trailer now Dead in a Week (or your money back) is not the marketing logo for...

Denial – REVIEW

Back in 1993 an episode of the TV series Young Indiana Jones was directed by David Hare, It didn’t seem an obvious choice as...

Snowden – REVIEW

Who would have thought that the ever bombasti c film director Oliver Stone, the man behind ‘Natural Born Killers’, ‘Platoon’ would have turned his...

Rupert Everett to direct Colin Firth in…….

The splendidly waspish Rupert Everett is finally getting to make his long time gestating Oscar Wilde biopic to be called, 'The Happy Prince' which is...