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Eureka – TRAILER

Something a little different is the Eureka trailer. Described by Screen Anarchy as Argentine auteur Lisandro Alonso’s “most expansive and ambitious film to date”, the first section of EUREKA is...

Crimes of the Future – REVIEW

Having not helmed a film since his 2014 film ‘Maps to the Stars’ director David Cronenberg returns to his body horror interest with ‘Crimes...

Falling – TRAILER

What we had forgotten about was that Viggo Mortensen had been Oscar nominated three times for his roles in Eastern Promises as well as...

Green Book – REVIEW

We’re pleased to announce that our Editor has almost finished his very first book. He started reading it when he was 5 and now,...

So who was originally offered the lead roles in X-Men…….?

With Logan having opened internationally and doing impressive business talk is turning to the future of the X men and the producers in recent...

2017 Oscar predictions but will #OscarsTooWhite sway votes…….?

This year it seems that the race for Best Film Oscar is between two films  La La Land, a musical fantasy about white lovers in...