Afraid – TRAILER

Afraid -the rise of AI takes over a family

With ChatGPT and the use of AI on the rise it was not going to be a long before we has a thriller based on its takeover of our lives and hence we have the Afraid trailer…

In AFRAID, Curtis (John Cho) and his family are selected to test a revolutionary new home device: a digital family assistant called AIA. Taking smart home to the next level, once the unit and all its sensors and cameras are installed in their home, AIA seems able to do it all. She learns the family’s behaviours and begins to anticipate their needs. And she can make sure nothing – and no one – gets in her family’s way.

Co-starring with John Cho is Katherine Waterson, Havana Rose Liu, Lukita Maxwell with David Dastmalchian and Keith Charradine. Written and directed by Chris Weitz whose previous films include About a Boy and The Twilight Saga : New Moon this promises to be a decent end of summer thriller

Afraid is in cinemas on 30th August 2024

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Here’s the Afraid trailer……



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