Cameron Diaz comes out of retirement….


So a little while ago we ran a feature HERE on why Cameron Diaz had not made a film since 2014’s Annie but news reaches us of Cameron Diaz comes OUT of retirement! Diaz first talked about her retirement in 2018 and claiming that “When you’re making a movie, it’s a perfect excuse. They own you…….You’re there for 12 hours a day. For months on end, you have no time for anything else. I realized I handed off parts of my life to all these other people, and they took it,”

But the news is that the 49-year-old actor will star alongside Jamie Foxx in the Netflix film  action-comedy ‘Back in Action’.  The news came from Jamie Foxx’s twitter account rather than Diaz herself although she later confirmed it on her instagram account saying, “Jamie Foxx, only you could get me back in action!!! I can’t frickin, wait it’s gonna be a blast!”

Seth Gordon (“Horrible Bosses”) is directing the movie from the script he co-wrote with Brendan O’Brien (“Neighbors”) but at present the plot details are being kept under wraps but production is due to start later this year.

Expect further news to emerge shortly about the film and its co-stars soon.


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