Haunted Mansion – TRAILER


With the Disney World theme park attraction having been adapted into a hugely popular and successful film franchise all other rides were fair game. So in that respect we’ve already had Jungle Cruise and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is already in the works as reported HERE and now we have the next theme ride film adaption with the arrival of the Haunted Mansion teaser trailer.

Directed by award-winning filmmaker Justin Simien, creator of Dear White People and the film features an impressive all-star ensemble cast that includes LaKeith Stanfield, Tiffany Haddish, Owen Wilson, Danny DeVito, Rosario Dawson, Chase W. Dillon and Dan Levy, with Jamie Lee Curtis and Jared Leto as The Hatbox Ghost.

Director Simien says, “As a lifelong fan of the Haunted Mansion attraction, I’m beyond excited to share the teaser trailer for our new film adaptation featuring an incredible cast. Our team has worked tirelessly to create a scary, funny and cinematic otherworldly adventure for both new and die-hard fans to enjoy! I can’t wait for audiences to experience this big screen version of the iconic Disney attraction.” This is not the first time the theme park ride has had a movie inspired by it. Way back in 2003 we had a film that starred Eddie Murphy, at the time on a crest of successful family orientated films, but the film was very much based on the Disneyland Paris ride that had a defined story line about a bride haunting a house and this trailer looks a lot different.

Inspired by the classic theme park attraction, “Haunted Mansion” is about a woman and her son who enlist a motley crew of so-called spiritual experts to help rid their home of supernatural squatters.

Haunted Mansion is released on 11th August 2023

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Here’s the Haunted Mansion teaser trailer…….

Here’s the full Haunted Mansion trailer…….


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