Mark Dacascos making Keanu Reeves laugh in John Wick 3…….

making Keanu Reeves laugh in John Wick 3!

With four John Wick films in the franchise to date each progressively more successful at the box office than the last, it is martial arts expert Mark Dacascos who appeared opposite him in John Wick 3 who made such an impression especially with making Keanu Reeves laugh on set in one scene in particular during rehearsal

The third film saw John Wick on the run after killing a member of the international assassins’ guild, and with a $14 million price tag on his head, he is the target of hit men and women everywhere including a brutal assassin one called Zero played by Mark Dacascos. Budgeted at only $75m the film was a huge success earning $328m worldwide.

Dacascos martial arts prowess inspired Reeves who credited him saying, “Mark brought Zero to life with both hard-boiled noir quality and a tongue-in-cheek humor. It was an especially good experience for me to train with Mark because he’s such an expert that he pushed me that much more.”

Dascasos found the film a challenge espcailly the climactic fight scene, admitting, “A few people actually ran into the glass.” He continues, “As a fighter, a glass set is very spooky, because you can’t hide anything technically. You have to be super sharp, but the challenge was fun, and the final look is really cool.”

But sitting alongside fellow martial arts expert Scott Atkins, who appeared in John Wick 4, Mark Dacascos demonstrated and explained how he went about making Keanu Reeves laugh in a rehearsal with what he intended to do and they even decided to keep it in the film.

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Here’s Mark Dacascos explaining what happened in the rehearsal for the scene ……


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