Outrageous theories about what certain films are really about…….


So you thought Willy Wonka was about a reclusive sweet maker? Or that The Shining was about a man slowly going mad? Or that Titanic was actually about a ship sinking in the North Atlantic?  Think again…….at least not if any of these theories that we’ve found are anything to go by.  Bewildering or bollocks, you decide?

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory

Roald Dahl stories were renowned for their dark subject matter which might explain why children loved them but the theory suggested by some film fans is extremely macabre.  The theory put forward is that Willy Wonka far from being a genius of confectionary delights is actually an agrophobic serial killer. Too scared to go outside the confines of his factory he comes up with ruse of the 5 golden tickets to entice the children to come to him and frankly what kid wouldn’t want to go to a sweet factory?  Once there the kids get bumped off one by one with the oompa loompa’s celebrating each kill with a song and dance routine. As one of the characters comments, ‘no one ever comes out’.

Back to the Future

An Eighties favourite and rightly so but the theory here is that the apparently loveable Doc Brown (played in typical wild eyed style by Christopher Lloyd) is actually a manic depressive suicidal.  With his wild mood swings he must have a death wish….why else would he steal from a bunch of murderous Libyan terrorists knowing they’ll come after him. He gets his wish too when they blow him away in a volley of bullets from their semi automatic machine guns.


Rather than a loving homage to teenage rock n roll in the 50’s the whole film is an ode to the untimely demise of Sandy. Danny meets Sandy but she drowns and the song ‘summer nights’ is a dream she has just before she drowns. Perhaps it’s not so far fetched as she does fly into the clouds in a car with the rest singing, ‘always be together’. It’s all a metaphor for her ascent into heaven as they spend eternity together.


The Shining

A popular one this as outlined so famously in the documentary Room 237. The Shining is actually Kubrick’s desperate plea to unload his secret that he actually helped fake the Apollo moon landings. Just look at the space rocket on Danny’s which appears to take off as he stands up after playing on the hallway floor. Or the fact that in the book its room 217 yet in the film its changed to 237 – because its 237,000 miles to moon! Coincidence or cobblers?



Rather than a true life re-telling of the sinking of a famous ship its actually about the fear of getting married. Depressed about marrying such a thug as Billy Zane, Kate Winslett’s Rose dreams up Leonardo DiCaprio just as she about to throw herself off the ship. His ghost and guiding spirit saves her both at the start and end of the film.


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