Sweet Dreams - Johnny Knoxville goes to rehab to play softball

So we all have dreams and often share them to the bemusement of friends or in the case of our Editor oversharing to us to such a degree that we have him sectioned. The Sweet Dreams in Johnny Knoxville’s new film is a home for recovering alcoholics. Knoxville plays Morris, a once influential video director, waking up on  park bench heavily hungover and now finding himself in the last chance saloon with his ex-wife preventing him from seeing their daughter unless he sorts himself out once and for all. And having failed so many times previously the only placement available to him is Sweet Dreams run by Pete (Mohammed Amer) a good natured owner of the facility with a number of residents in the similar situation to Morris.

It’s an eclectic group of characters played by an equally diverse group of actors that includes comic Bobby Lee and rapper GaTa issues and Pete’s efforts to get them to bond and support each other means playing softball with Morris put forward as the one to manage the team with the customary animosity that might be expected between the team who make even our own 5 a side team look like FA Cup contenders when they can’t even win against another team who turn up short on numbers and big on being boozed up.

It’s only when the team are told by Pete, himself at last chance saloon, that a repossession order on the home will see it close down and all of them evicted unless he stumps up a large sum of money that’s identical to the prize fund for a soft ball competition. Can the team pull it together, win and save themselves and Sweet dreams? Yes it’s one of those films where the ending is inevitable in what is ultimately a story of salvation and personal redemption

The supporting cast are having a good time here as they struggle to play softball with Bobby Lee being the standout. But it is Knoxville best known for the Jackass films but has appeared in a variety of genres from big screen remakes (The Dukes of Hazzard), blockbusters (Men in Black II), actioners (The Last Stand) who changes tack in a far more sombre affair with his embittered character in many melancholy moments. With Knoxville’s private life seeing him currently go through a second divorce and all that comes with that when it comes to child access perhaps it’s the subject matter that drew him to what is something of a run of the mill story.

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We chatted with Bobby Lee and GaTa about softball, pranks ….and cricket!

Here’s the Sweet Dreams trailer……………..

Available to buy or rent on Digital 16th April 2024


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